Resilient Initiative corporate programs are designed to build skills that employees can use to better deal with stress. Research shows that resilient employees are 80% more productive, 75% happier, and 90% more satisfied with their jobs. Satisfied employees stay with your company, reducing the costs of hiring new team members. And working with resilient team members just makes work a whole lot better.


Make A Day Of It

These Half Day or Full Day Workshops are a great way to boost employee morale and satisfaction. Your team will learn life-long tools and will participate in activities that create significant change in their abilities to cope with stress. Include a variety of mindfulness & meditation exercises and discussions.


Create Consistency

Provide the space and time for your employees to develop regular, positive influence practices that will help them build their resilience and stress management skills. Each week includes an hour long session and additional resources. Multi-week Programs build on skills learned each week and can be done virtually or on site.


Inspire Your Teams

Need someone to come to your office to give a pep talk? To calm people down? To get the energy and creativity flowing again? To help provide a quick reminder on purpose? I have developed a series of talks, rooted in the science of positive psychology and the practice of mindfulness that can help.


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