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Learn lifelong mindfulness and meditation skills to help you breathe through stress and gain control of your emotions.

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Imagine being in the middle of your child’s temper tantrum over being told no, and feeling completely calm, knowing exactly how to keep your own inner peace-

And, because you are able to stay calm, the tears and the yelling suddenly end in a big, soft hug and you both move on with your day feeling satisfied and happy.

That’s what happened to me just last week.

Sure, I’ve had my share of freak outs. Of losing my sh*t because my kid is stomping her feet and screaming after I asked her to just put her shoes on- for the fifth time already!

I’ve been there recently, too. Totally frazzled because I’m trying to keep my professional cool while motioning violently for my daughter to turn the volume down on her ipad because I can’t hear, and realizing I just missed what my colleague on the other side of the screen just said. #quarantinelife

And, I’ve felt the massive weight of too much life stuff that I just couldn’t deal with. The heaviness of postpartum depression that lasted way too long. The challenges of being a single mom back in school full time. The feeling of being alone because I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone around me. The fear of never being good enough to live the life I really wanted to live.

The internal guilt of coping with it all with way, way, way too much alcohol.

In 2014, I’d had enough of feeling like my life was out of control. That year, I started meditating, journaling, and learning about trauma and positive psychology in order to transform myself from a crazy, overwhelmed mess who just couldn’t deal with anything, into a calm, peaceful, joy-filled person. Recently, I began leading other moms on this journey, and now I am ready to share everything I’ve learned along the way with you.

In 2020, I know exactly what it takes to be a Resilient Mama.

But I wasn’t always this way. I didn’t start meditating and suddenly become a woman with no problems. Oh, no. Not even close. 

I did read all of the books- ones like A New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. They were inspiring, but once I finished the books, I gradually forgot the lessons I had learned. 

Then I went to yoga classes, and practiced meditating with a teacher in a room of other people all trying to be better. But when I went home again I couldn’t find that headspace on my own.

I tried writing affirmations and repeating them to myself. But I rarely believed what I had written and so I gave those up, too.

Eventually, all of those lessons and habits faded and I went back to my old ways of dealing with stress- working harder, hiding my feelings, isolating myself, drinking too much, and feeling so deeply guilty about it all.

I became so stressed out that one day, I woke up covered in hives. 

I realized I needed a change. This lifestyle wasn’t just uncomfortable anymore- it now felt like life or death if I continued down the same path. So I picked up my meditation practice again. I started with simple journaling habits again. I was super dedicated, until one day…

I gave up. It was so hard, because...

I was trying to do everything on my own.

Although I had some basic meditation skills, I didn’t know how to allow myself to sit in stillness. Even though I spent a few minutes writing every day, I was mostly writing about how unhappy I was and it wasn’t making me feel better.

The tools I was trying to use were great. But the application was wrong. 

I needed to find a way to put all of the tools I knew together into something long term that would help me break down my guilt, self doubt, and the stress I piled on to myself and pull me out of that feeling of being totally out of control of my own life, and into the sense of inner peace that I so desperately wanted.

I created a routine, followed it every single day, practiced my skills and suddenly…

I felt it. I realized that I had practiced enough that no matter what life throws at me, I could get through it with a sense of inner peace, balance, and the feeling that I was in control.

And that’s how I became an expert in building resilience through meditation and mindfulness.

Ok, enough of my story!

Who are you? Why are you here?

You’re a stressed out working mom who has tried to stay positive during the last few months of a global pandemic, but you’re still finding it hard to just deal right now.

You’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the weight of all of your responsibilities over the last few months, and overwhelmed with the difficult emotions that have been pushed to the surface.

Life feels super uncertain right now and the stress is piling up. 

You need more tools to add to your toolbox outside of traditional therapy. 

You’ve tried meditating and enjoyed it, but you need more help.

“I expected a course with guided meditation, but this was so much more than that!  This was a very tailored, guided experience without getting too "personal.” I learned very concrete and easy to use skills for pulling myself out of a funk on those really hard days. This is the perfect course for ALL mamas- no matter where you are on your parenting journey.” - Angelica Arreola, Mental Health Therapist & Mom of 2

“You were so fun and such a great leader. I loved how real you were with us and really allowed us to know you. Creating that space allows us to trust you and I feel like I went further in my guided meditation because of that.” Mindi Schoof, Resilient Mama Course Student

“After taking this course, I feel empowered, so calm, super excited, and hopeful.”

Have you been completely overwhelmed, totally stressed out, and just unable to deal with 2020’s endless turbulence?

I’ve been there, and I get it.

But once I realized these two (or three) very simple things everything changed. Here’s what I realized.

#1. You do not have to live waiting for the other ball to drop, constantly on edge, fearful, uncertain, and constantly anxious about the future.

You can live in peace. And this shift can happen in a matter of HOURS, not weeks. I teach you how to feel less overwhelmed in the first few hours of the course.

One of my recent students said “I feel so calm” after our first activity. She started the course telling me about how she was struggling to just deal with everything going on. 

#2. Your success in sticking with a new practice is not based on your willpower, it’s based on the simplicity of the routine and the community around you.

Once I figured this out, I was able to remove all the complications from my daily practices and find more and more pockets of confidence, joy, peace, and positivity. Every, single day. 

Here’s what happened to me after I started using the skills that I teach in the Resilient Mama Course:

Stopped having regular anxiety attacks. No more ending up in a pile on my kitchen floor. No more gripping fear that the world would surely end today. 

Mom Guilt has faded (bye Felicia!). Clarity on what I want from my life experience allows me to live towards that every day with zero guilt. And I don’t miss her.

Instant recall of emotional resilience tools. Practicing helped me remember the lessons I learned and I stopped struggling with wondering how to deal with all the stress- big and small.

Everyday stress just rolled off my back. The little things just don’t bother me anymore. Even when I’m PMSing, I’m able to recognize it, observe it, and let it go. 


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What’s Inside the Resilient Mama Course:

  1. The Resilient Mama Step by Step Framework (a $497 value)

Step by Step course videos that teach you the foundations of meditation and mindfulness with activities, meditations, and worksheets to practice and build on your skills week by week

The course is perfectly laid out so that you’re building new, sustainable habits that take you from overwhelmed to in control in 5 weeks or less.

  1. Beautiful Guided Meditations You Can Download & Listen To At Any Time (a $70 value)

These five meditations can be accessed separately from the course materials so that you can listen to them any time, anywhere, whenever you need them. 

  1. Printable Worksheets & Handouts (a $30 value)

Make this course super personalized with the worksheets and handouts designed to help you get to the root cause of your overwhelm, and design your optimal future outcome so you always know what you’re working towards. 

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Bonus #1: The Resilient Mama Community (pretty priceless!)

You’ve felt alone long enough. This is not your average mommy Facebook group. The women in this group are dead-set on improving their lives, their mindsets, and their futures. 

Constant support so you can ask questions & find out what’s worked for other moms.

Bonus #2: Additional Guided Meditations Specific to #MomLife and Current Events (a $360 annual value)

Sometimes, you just need to know there’s an answer for what you’re personally dealing with, right now. So, I got you, mama. Each month, I’ll share additional guided meditations specifically for our community of Resilient Mamas and your needs.

Truly special, personalized meditations just for you.

PLUS, You’ll get unlimited access to the course and all materials as well as any updated or added modules for FREE, forever.

Today’s Price = $297

(this will go up to $957 in on 7/15!)

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I am 100% committed to making sure you succeed in learning these skills and building your personal toolbox for resilience.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Resilient Mama Course:

Module 1: Learning to Breathe & Bring Calm to Your Day

What is resilience and what does it look like to you

What is stress and what does it do to you

How to use breath to reduce stress

SEVEN breathing techniques 

How to become aware of your breath

Module 2: Getting & Staying Present For Greater Fulfillment

What is presence and how to be more present

How being present builds resilience

The only three techniques you need to live in the present

How to meditate on the present moment

Module 3: Shifting Your Words to Experience Joy

How does language affect our reality

How to start loving yourself more

How to find your word of the year

How to do a Mantra Meditation

Module 4: Harnessing Emotions to Regain More Control

What are emotions

How emotions affect your physical health

How to use your anger and other strong emotions to be creative

How to access joy, gratitude, and happiness on demand

Module 5: Focusing on The Future to Live the Life You Want

Putting all of your new skills together!

How to create your future self

How to design your future outcomes

How to live the life you want right now

And of course there are EXTRAS!

Weekly Student Group Live Q&A with Kailey (Hi, hello! Can’t wait to see you!)

Weekly Live Meditations within the Facebook Student Group

Printable Handouts you can keep at your desk, on your fridge, or anywhere you need simple reminders of the skills

Live group workshops in the Facebook Student group to support your consistent growth and development.

Limited Time Special Bonus

Get the Mom’s Perfect Morning: How to Design Your Perfect Morning Routine to Reduce Stress and Have a Great Day, Every Day (Even During the Never Ending Quarantine) Ebook for FREE (a $19.95 value!)

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Limited Time Pay in Full Coaching Bonus

Do you just know you need some serious help? Can’t stay accountable, or just do your best with 1:1 support?

For a very limited number of students I am opening up my 1:1 coaching to help you define your optimal future self and help you specially tailor your course experience to your specific needs.


After 20 students enroll, I will not be adding this coaching bonus anymore!

Pay for the course IN FULL to get 30 minutes of WEEKLY one on one support during the 5 weeks of your course. 

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“Loved this! You were so fun and such a great leader. I loved how real you were with us and really allowed us to know you. Creating that space allows us to trust you and I feel like I went further in my guided meditation because of that. I’d love to keep learning more from you.” Mindi, Resilient Mama Course Student

“I’d totally benefit from more 1:1 time with you!” MS, Resilient Mama Course Student

Here’s what other Resilient Mamas are saying:

“I expected a course with guided meditation, but this was so much more than that!  This was a very tailored, guided experience without getting too "personal.” I learned very concrete and easy to use skills for pulling myself out of a funk on those really hard days. This is the perfect course for ALL mamas- no matter where you are on your parenting journey, this course will help you level up! So long as you prioritize using the material regularly, you’ll find your goals easier and easier to attain!” 

Angelica Arreola, Mental Health Therapist & Mom of 2

“After that last meditation, I seriously felt like a badass”

Ready to leave overwhelm behind and take your life back?

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Hi, I’m Kailey B.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been honing my skill of resilience without even realizing what I was doing. I’ve made it through hard time after hard time, and picked up all the lessons along the way. 

And for the past 6 years, I’ve been intentionally becoming an expert in personal resilience so I can help other people get through their hard times, too. 

I started with basic self awareness practices, which allowed me to take deep dives into my own personal healing and growth journey. Now, I’ve developed the most brilliantly simple framework that allows you to shorten the time frame of learning to manage stress like a #badass mom from 20+ years to 5 short weeks. And I am confident that you’ll succeed with the tools in this course.

I’m fully committed to helping women like you learn the skills of mindfulness and meditation to become more resilient in the face of stress and difficult life events so that you can live more balanced, free, and joyful lives now and in the future. 

So, are you ready to become a #ResilientMama? 

Ready to take your life back?

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“Everything was laid out in the way that made a lot of sense. You built upon the concepts really well, it all flowed really nicely and there was a good amount and perfect mix of explanation/examples/facts and quiet "exploration space" to help us think and process!” RN- Resilient Mama Course Student, Mom of 2 

“I can’t wait to go through this course again!” RH- Resilient Mama Course Student


I’ve tried meditation before, and I just can’t sit still, stay calm, or keep my mind quiet.  

I’m here to tell you that that’s totally normal, and you’re not alone. Meditation isn’t about clearing your mind and thinking about absolutely nothing.

It’s about practicing the skill so you can use it at any time. In the Resilient Mama course, I teach you how to let go of those expectations and sit with yourself in loving stillness so you feel confident with your meditation practice, no matter what stage you’re in.

I never have time for myself, and with my kids home every day now, I just don’t know how I can take the time.

Oh how familiar I am with that! That’s why this course is a perfectly paced set of modules that allows you to take your time to build on your skills over the span of 5 weeks. You can spend just a few minutes each day with the material and still get amazing results. 

Some Resilient Mama students have even said they’re going to do the exercises with their kids. 

“I love this breathing technique and can’t wait to use it with my youngest son to help him deal with his big feelings.” KN, Resilient Mama Student

Ready to join me and the other Resilient Mamas taking back their lives? 

[Yes, I’m ready!]

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